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Located right in the center of Delaware County, Wayne, PA is a part of the Philadelphia suburbs that falls on the Main Line. Wayne is also listed as one of the wealthiest areas in the nation. They are a part of the Chester County, Montgomery County, Radnor, Tredyffrin, and Upper Merion Township. The center of Wayne is listed as a part of the Downtown Wayne Historic District. Within Wayne’s zip code, the population is listed at 32,225 with 12,754 households within the community.

Certified Stucco Inspection has been serving the Wayne area for over 20 years. We are the leading Stucco inspectors certified to serve Wayne and the surrounding areas. Our Stucco Inspections are unmatched and we will also help you make the right decision when it comes to solving any problems with your stucco.


Listing a house on the market can be a daunting task especially in a blooming market such as Wayne, PA. It is important to know what problems there may be with your stucco. Certified Stucco Inspection can provide you with an inspection to assess any possible needs that your home may require. We like to aim to do this prior to listing your house, because it will help to prevent the lose of a buyer. Being able to put your buyer at ease with the correct knowledge of your home’s stucco is an important key to successfully sell your home.

In one instance, a stucco inspection can go well, and there is not any work that needs to be done to the home. You can take the report that we provide as verification to show your potential buyers. This will help to make your home become more desirable to those seeking to buy your home. In another instance, the inspection may not go very well and there is room for improvement. As the homeowner you can choose to make the repairs on the home, or inform the potential buyers of what work needs to be done. This allows there to be complete honesty between both parties, and it will help you to honestly list your home on the market.


Here at Certified Stucco Inspection, we know how expensive it is to purchase a home in today’s tough market. Let us provide you with some ease by conducting one of our inspections on your home. We can prevent any surprising costs that may arise when buying or selling a new home. Some stucco remediation jobs can reach upwards to the hundred of thousands of dollars. By getting the proper inspection done, we can prevent a surprise like this coming in the future. Please contact us if you have any more questions!

Being in the northeastern United States, the air in Wayne, PA is quite moist for most of the year, and that is a real problem in regards to stucco. Save yourself the potential expense of stucco remediation by getting the stucco inspected before you buy.

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