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Steven Johnson
November 7, 2018
I was very impressed with both Conor and Michael. Good company and very quick to respond to our call.
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Steve Latimer
November 1, 2018
We were very pleased with the work Michael did for us. I will refer his company in the future. Thanks
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Steve Carty
October 10, 2018
Great work and very fast service.
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Steve Ginsburg
April 25, 2018
Certified came out very quickly and they were very helpful in explaining what the next step should be after they found a few issues.
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Jen Hart
April 17, 2018
We finally were relieved when the report came out all good. The realtor used that to sell our home with no issues. I would refer Certified to anyone that needs fast but respected service.
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Murray Goth
February 21, 2018
I appreciated the advice and how quickly they referred two different excellent contractors to correct a mold problem.
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Mark H
February 2, 2018
They did a very good job coming out in cold weather and getting the job done correctly. I would refer them to anyone.
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Bella Penn
November 9, 2017
We were very concerned about what we thought was mold but turned out to stains. However we are replacing a few windows at their suggestion. thanks
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Martin Dow
November 1, 2017
I was impressed with their work ethic and honesty. Good job and nice people.
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Mike Collins Wayne P
September 2, 2017
Certified came out quickly and did and excellent job with invasive work. They cleaned up after themselves and sealed up their work. I would refer them as thorough and extremely good at what they do.
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Paul Simon
August 4, 2017
Certified was very good and the cost was low. We now have a few minor issues to address but will speak from strength with any contractor that comes with a proposal to correct the mold.
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