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With a population of 6,189, Lionville, PA is a unique and historic area located in Chester County. Prior to the 2010 census-designated place, Lionville was recorded as “Lionville-Marchwood”. “Marchwood is reference to the housing development that started in the 1960s. PA 100 and PA 113 are the two major local highways that bisect Lionville. The area is also home to a village that was known as Welsh Pool, but it was later changed to the name we known now as Lionville.

Lionville, PA Stucco Inspector

Certified Stucco Inspection has been serving the Lionville area for over 20 years. We are the leading Stucco inspectors certified to serve Lionville and the surrounding areas. Our Stucco Inspections are unmatched and we will also help you make the right decision when it comes to solving any problems with your stucco.

Lionville, PA Real Estate Stucco Inspections


Due to the rich history, putting a home on the market in Lionville, PA can be an anxious time period for any homeowner. It is important to know what problems there may be with your stucco prior to listing the house in order to avoid losing a buyer. This easy step can be your first oppurtunity at putting your future buyer at ease by being able to provide them the proper knowledge they need when purchasing your home.

Stucco inspections can come with two results. The best result being a perfect report with no repair work needed, and you as the homeowner and your potential buyer can be relieved with the results. This will also allow you to change the price of your home’s value accordingly. Reports can also come out with a negative report, but there is no need to worry! You will be able to complete the repairs accordingly, or after discussing with your future buyer, you can ask them if they would like the work done on their home. Either way, both options show honesty to the potential buyer, and it will allow for your home to come off the market quicker than it would with no report at all.


Here at Certified Stucco Inspection, we know that buying a home can be a costly and time demanding process. We want to try to provide you with the ability to not have to add extra expenses. We can prevent this with the proper stucco inspection on your home. The remediation of stucco on homes can be a costly procedure, sometimes running in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, this is something that you want to be properly aware of before listing your home.

Real Estate Stucco Inspection in Lionville

Being in the northeastern United States, the air in Lionville, PA is quite moist for most of the year, and that is a real problem in regards to stucco. Save yourself the potential expense of stucco remediation by getting the stucco inspected before you buy.

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