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Exton, PA is the major shopping district of Chester County. Many shopping centers and the Exton Square Mall make Exton a great place to look for a home. Exton is also home to the Amtrak Exton station which is a stop on the Paoli/Thorndale line that commutes directly into Phildelphia. Living in Exton gives you access to anything you would need while also being rural enough to offer beautiful properties and great home buyers market.

Exton, PA Stucco Inspectors

Certified Stucco Inspection has been serving the Exton area for over 20 years. We are the leading Stucco inspectors certified to serve Chester County and the surrounding areas. Our Stucco Inspections are unmatched and we will also help you make the right decision when it comes to solving any problems with your stucco.

Exton, PA Real Estate Stucco Inspection


Putting a house on the market can be a daunting task especially in a thriving market such as Exton, PA. It is important to know what problems there may be with your stucco prior to listing the house in order to avoid losing a buyer. Being able to put your buyer at ease with correct knowledge of what shape the stucco is in is one way to help get your house off the market quickly.

One scenario is, the stucco inspection can go perfectly fine, and you can provide a good report to potential buyers, increasing the desirability of your home. The other scenario is it doesn’t go well, and you have the chance to make repairs, or disclose the potential issues and the costs up front. Either way, it is beneficial for you and the buyer and it will put you ahead of other homes on the market who may not have had a stucco inspection done.


Buying a home is an expensive and time consuming process, so the last thing you would want is to add more costs to this venture by not getting your new potential homes stucco inspected before you go through with the purchase. Stucco remediation can sometimes run in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, so you don’t want such a cost to come as a surprise because you didn’t get the stucco inspected before hand.

Real Estate Stucco Inspection in Exton

Being in the northeastern United States, the air in Exton, PA is quite moist for most of the year, and that is a real problem in regards to stucco. Save yourself the potential expense of stucco remediation by getting the stucco inspected before you buy.

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