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Stucco Inspection

Certified Stucco Inspections provides inspections and stucco testing for not only new homeowners but anyone looking to get the stucco on their home inspected.

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We offer Building Forensic Consulting Services to uncover hidden problems behind the stucco facade.

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Stucco Inspection?

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If you own a stucco home, or are buying a stucco home it is imperative that you have the residence properly tested. If you have or even think there are issues related to moisture intrusion and mold, then call us. We have been working with the Masonry Industry for over 10 years, more specifically the testing of stucco and manufactured stone. Our Inspectors understand the science of building envelopes and the necessary procedures to properly integrate both the cladding system and the flashing components. This assures that your home, your largest investment, will stand the test of time.

In the past stucco has been an extremely popular cladding, often demanding premier pricing. The issue is not always the stucco but the cladding system itself, its design components and even its application. What exactly does that mean? Basically, it’s not properly sealed. Inadequate flashing details exist at windows and doors, roof to wall transitions are not properly addressed and the home does not have the ability to properly drain trapped moisture as a result.

The drainage plane is often negated as part of improper installation techniques and contributes significantly to water seepage behind and through the cladding and into the interior walls of the house. This can and has led to major damage to homes, including a proliferation of mold issues when moisture is trapped in the wall cavity and can’t exit the system. Under certain circumstances this causes rot from the inside out, hence becoming harbingers for mold. All of this happens unbeknown to the homeowner, for seldom is there ever any inclination of interior issues visually.

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